Urban  Walks

We all know that no two people are the same, and the same is true with our dogs. Each dog can require a completely different approach depending on the dog’s 

personality, behavioural traits, age, activity levels and health.

Our Urban Walks are designed to suit your dog’s individual needs, whether that be a solo walk, or a pack walk. We really get to know your dog so that we can tailor our time together to ensure that we are scratching them right where they itch!

Adventure Walks

We believe dogs thrive on structure, environmental enrichment and social interaction. Which is exactly what we had in mind when designing our Adventure Walks.

Our Adventure Walks take place off the beaten track and aim to meet all your dog’s needs both mentally and physically. Two vital components in creating a happy and well balanced dog.

Our biggest focus is giving your dog the best and safest experience possible – groups are kept small in addition to being guided by an experienced handler, and during every adventure we work to advance good behavioural patterns in your dog.


Included in every walking service - Pick Up & Drop Off in our air conditioned “Dog Van” , training treats, and photo/video documentation.

Puppy Lunch 'n' Learn Sessions

You’re doing your best to put the time, effort into helping your pup be a good canine citizen. Our Lunch ‘n’ Learn sessions are here to help you with that!


In each session your puppy will enjoy -

Dedicated one-on-one time with an experienced handler to practise essential good manners and obedience skills during the most critical period of their development.

Healthy mental stimulation with fun brain games, puzzle toys and trick training.

AND a long lasting chew to be occupied with once the session ends.

Pet Sitting

& Boarding

We take great pride and joy in providing a genuinely caring service to give you peace of mind for those times when you need to go away.  Our pet sitting and home boarding services are based on our great relationships, extensive knowledge & experience.


We look after the best pets ever and we love it!

Natural Nutrition

We understand the care and concern that goes into choosing a source of nutrition for your companion. 

We have a carefully selected range of raw food, supplements and treats (and many other products!) to promote your pets


These are the products we use on, feed to and play with the Canine Culture Pack.

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