Not many people are aware of the nutritional benefits of adding raw goats milk to your dogs diet:
Raw goats milk is full of trace minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein & fatty acids, raw goats milk is incredibly EASY for our dogs to digest & utilise.

Full of probiotics & enzymes, raw goats milk can assist dogs with sensitive digestive tracks & also those that have been on antibiotics.

A perfect supplement for dogs that suffer both food & environmental allergies. It contains both anti-inflammatory & anti-mucous properties.

A super immune booster! Raw goats milk has been shown to help fight kidney issues, cancers, liver disease, diabetes, colitis, IBS, heart disease, ulcers & many other disorders.

Whether your dog is fed a raw, cooked or dry food diet, adding raw goats milk can help to keep your pet as healthy as can be - naturally!

Now Available in 2L

Raw Goats Milk Pets Plus

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