BARF raw food for dogs in bowl, chicken.

As a dog and health enthusiast, I genuinely care about your dog's health. My own journey into raw feeding came about after adopting my rescue mix “Meeko” who’s health was being affected by a commercial dry food diet. To prevent these issues and remove chemicals, hormones, preservatives, additives, fillers and slaughterhouse crap from my dogs diet to ensure his wellbeing I did my research, rolled up my sleeves, and dug into natural biologically appropriate dog diets.

Raw feeding is about going back to basics, back to nature and back to the foundations of health. Rather than finding a cure, why not prevent these issues from occurring all together. A raw diet full of fresh and functional foods is truly in the best interest of your dog’s health & longevity.

My own dogs eat the same food that Canine Culture supplies - my motto is if I would not feed it to my own dogs, then I don't think you should either.  When the decision to raw feed is made it is to improve the quality of our pet’s health and that will always remain the focus and goal of Canine Culture's Raw Food Range. The quality of our products are therefore of paramount importance. - Luci


Every meal and treat you give your dog is an opportunity to improve their wellbeing.

If you're just starting to investigate a healthier diet for your dog or if you're wondering how to boost their current one, whether that be a dry food or raw food diet, the addition of functional foods provides positive health benefits on top of additional nutritive value. Rather than just feeding to survive, feed to thrive. That’s the main purpose behind a diet rich in functional foods. Our focus is to deliver the best range of food, supplements and treats for those who seek that healthier path for their companions.

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